Encourages Smart Growth

BluePrince helps encourage and facilitate smart growth

Today’s development landscape, emphasizing smart growth practices, includes many different types of mixed use developments, each with their own unique set of permitting requirements.

BluePrince’s unique features allow a user to define multiple aspects of mixed use developments. BluePrince is built to automatically handle all types of mixed use development permits, allowing your department to easily and efficiently handle even the most complex projects, equipping your community for smart growth.


BluePrince offers powerful configuration options that allow your department to easily customize use types and adapt fee schedules.


The BluePrince software suite provides an end-to-end mixed use planning, permitting, zoning, and enforcement tool.


BluePrince allows your department to streamline the permitting process and eliminate long wait times for complex projects, making these developments as easy to manage as typical single-use projects.


The built-in reporting tools of BluePrince allow your department to accurately quantify and track even the most challenging projects.


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