Enhances Efficiency

BluePrince provides many enhanced efficiencies

BluePrince improves every aspect of the community development department’s efficiency, reducing the number of daily calls by up to 40% to improving inspection turn-around times by an average of three days.

First year savings in a typical community development department include:

  • 360 Inspector hours saved - 6% reduction in drive time and data entry through the use of in-the-field tools
  • 360 Inspector hours saved - 6% (30 minutes per day) reduction in permit organization and tasks
  • 1,250 Admin hours saved - Streamlined permit and inspection handling through organization and task management
  • 225 Admin hours saved - 28% of payments processed via the web
  • 450 Admin hours saved - 34% of permit applications submitted via the web
  • 300 Admin hours saved - 49% of inspections requested via the web
  • 375 Admin hours saved - 25% reduction in daily phone calls and office traffic


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