Promotes Green Initiatives

BluePrince helps communities reduce their environmental impact

Jurisdictions that use BluePrince reduce financial expenditures and environmental impact while carrying out day-to-day activities.

Paperless Permit Management

BluePrince allows all project related reports and documents to be viewed online, thus eliminating the need to print multiple copies. Contractors apply for permits online and check results from their BluePrince Citizen Access portal, eliminating the need to fill out paper forms. Inspection results are electronically transmitted from the field to the development department reducing the number of paper forms necessary.

Contractors Reduce Trips to Development Department

Contractors can apply for permits, pay for permits, check the status of permits, and check inspection results from their BluePrince Citizen Access portal, reducing trips to the department and between job sites. Reducing the number of trips minimizes the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, reduces wear and tear on vehicles, and saves gasoline.

Inspection Route Efficiency

Inspectors are able to view and schedule their daily inspection locations, allowing them to plan a route that makes efficient use of their fuel and time.

Manage Green Development

Green building and Leaderhip in Energy and Environmenal Design (LEED) certified projects are becoming more common in today’s building landscape. BluePrince can help jurisdictions monitor and track LEED certification or any other local, regional or state green development certification.


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