Training Options

BluePrince training options have helped build customer loyalty

BluePrince training allows staff to learn at their own pace and schedule.

BluePrince University

BluePrince University (BPU) is an online training center customized for individual users’ roles, allowing staff to learn exactly what they need. Information is broken into courses, utilizing short videos and quizzes to cover every aspect of BluePrince. Users can easily fit these short videos and quizzes (5 to 15 minutes apiece) into their existing schedules.

BluePrince Certification

Building on BluePrince University, BluePrince Certification works in concert with BluePrince’s Training Mode for departmental power users. Users take advanced quizzes and work directly with the software without worrying about modifying the underlying database.

BluePrince Online Training

Utilizing a virtual network connection, a BluePrince Training Team member can provide quality training services to multiple users at the same time, without the need to be on-site. Through remotely guided training sessions, users learn the BluePrince process at their own computer, creating a hands-on learning experience.

On-Site Training

The BluePrince Training Team offers on-site training and powerful train-the-trainer sessions.


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