Code Enforcement


  • Software can be configured to your statuses
  • Cases can be easily managed and assigned to different inspectors
  • All notification letters are generated automatically
  • Store and track all types of enforcement data, including property owner, statutes, and fines

A code enforcement module that can reduce administrative time by 15% to 35%, automate enforcement by up to 25%, and cut pre-trial preparation time in half - that's BluePrince.

Manage by Statute

Users can manage enforcement actions according to statue by ensuring required actions are completed in their proper order, based on a pre-configured action sequence. All types of enforcement data are easy to access and distribute, and include the ability to attach electronic documents, eliminating worries about lost or damaged paper copies.

Seamless Notification

BluePrince automatically generates notification letters of code enforcement action that can be easily sent to all relevant parties. The letters are created using standard templates and mail-merge functions.

Pre-Trial Preparation

Time-stamped action items, digital photo attachments, and the ability to specify the precise code violation strengthens pre-trial preparation at the touch of a button.


BluePrince calculates and tracks all fines incurred through code enforcement events.


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